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Entry #2

Some Websites You Might Like Viewing

2010-01-26 09:34:59 by mckgeno66

Hello! It's Light the Hedgehog, the creator of Sonic Project here! I have some websites for you to see
These websites are ones you might like to see or view...

The first one is my youtube channel. I thought you would like to see my sprites. Type in the search box Sonic and every Sonic video will pop up!

This next one is my other youtube channel and It has all of my first sprites on it! Just type in Sonic in the search box and all of my sprites are there!

This next one is my website that I made myself with sprite comics and everything in it!

This next one is my newgrounds home page with all of my sprites and comics I do.

Thanks for reading this and taking the time to visit all four sites! If I have updates, I will post more! Thank you!


Light The Hedgehog

Some Websites You Might Like Viewing


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